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Introduction to the advantages of JYJXC-220/220 railway signa

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The JYJXC-220/220 railway signal relay is composed of iron core winding spring sheets and other parts. Only passing the current through the coil and applying a certain voltage at both ends will produce the effect of electromagnetic flux, such as JYJXC-220/220 Type railway signal relays that cannot work normally in signal lines will seriously affect the safety of trains on the track. Therefore, first-class railway signal relays like JYJXC-220/220 are used on the train tracks to have high-strength safety. It is easy to use, and it has the technical guarantee, because we all know that if the railway signal relay fails to meet our expected requirements, it will directly affect the normal signal reception. This has a great impact on the safety of the train when it is running. Like some good railway signal relays, a standard magnetic flux will be generated between the armature and the iron core. When the magnetic flux acts downstream, each component will form a closed magnetic circuit. Gravity will be generated in the magnetic circuit to drive the armature force. The magnitude of is determined by the magnitude of the passing current. After reaching a certain force, the armature is combined with the contact to turn on the relay.

It is a relay used for signal monitoring in railways. It is widely used in railways and is an important part of railway signal technology. Whether as the core component of the railway signal relay electric signal system is the interface component of the electronic or computer signal, it plays a pivotal and important role in the entire system. Because the possibility of relay action will directly affect the reliability and safety of the signal system, because the quality requirements for products are very strict, such as: the action of the contact system must be consistent and the accuracy and reliability must be high. And it needs to have a long enough service life, and maintain high insulation strength even when the external temperature and humidity changes greatly.

It is designed according to the special requirements of the bistable circuit of the signal circuit, and permanent magnets are added to the magnetic circuit system of the traditional relay, so this relay has two different stable states of positioning and inversion due to the different polarity of the current in the coil. , These two states can continue to maintain the state before the power failure even when the current in the relay coil disappears.

It uses electromagnetic pure iron material. In order to ensure the normal fall of the relay, a stop piece is installed at the closed position between the iron core and the armature to ensure the air gap of the magnetic circuit and prevent the magnetic circuit from ferromagnetic zero magnetization. The JYJXC-220/220 relay with silver cadmium oxide contacts has the characteristics of strong anti-adhesion and low contact resistance.

The contact system on it is composed of two sets of common contacts with reinforced contacts. Two sets of common contacts are reversed common contacts, and when two sets of reinforced contacts, two sets of arc-extinguishing magnets are positioned at reversed conversion reinforced contacts. The reinforced contact of this kind of relay is specially designed for turning on the high current of the switch point machine.  

Finally, the electrical life of this type of product can reach as much as 1*10? It can greatly improve the reliability and service life in use. Therefore, this type of railway signal relay is used in every important link in the railway signal monitoring system, providing a safe and reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the railway.

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