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JYXC-660 matters needing attention

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Regarding the need to pay attention to when purchasing JYXC-660, we mainly introduce the precautions for the contact part. We will not elaborate on the other aspects of power supply ripple, use environment, temperature rise, and drop of power supply voltage. The following points need to be paid attention to about the contact part:

1.When using JYXC-660, there may be a high temperature situation. When it is in high temperature or because there are multiple different relay drives and AC loads in a line, the life of the contacts will be longer. In the case of a drop, the rated life is generally not reached, so be sure to pay more attention to the actual environmental life of the contact before using it. Do not continue to use JYXC-660 when the contact has no effect at all.

2. Whether the service life of the machine and the life of JYXC-660 are balanced also need to be confirmed.

3. Which material is used for the contact, and the material selection needs to be consistent with the type of load.

In addition to the main contacts mentioned above, there are also the action time, reset time, oscillation time, etc. of JYXC-660 that need to be paid attention to when purchasing.

In addition to the precautions for purchase, there are also the selection and precautions for the use environment of JYXC-660.

JYXC-660 is very non-drop and impact-resistant. Drops and impacts will affect its performance. In order to ensure its good performance, a lot of attention is needed in this respect. If the environment used is harsh, it is necessary to do a good job of sealing the JYXC-660. The outer casing cannot be removed. The best use environment is a place with room temperature, less dust and less organic gas. It is not possible to use silicone series resin materials around JYXC-660, which is likely to cause contact failures. Silicon series materials include silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone fillers, etc., because silicon will volatilize gas. In the use environment of JYXC-660, the contacts are turned on and off, it is very likely that silicon will adhere to the contacts, which may eventually cause poor contact of the contacts. Don't think that it is no problem if it is a sealed relay. You will encounter this problem, so you should always treat it with caution.

The use environment of JYXC-660 is strictly fixed. Use it in accordance with the requirements stated in the instruction booklet.

When welding JYXC-660, it is necessary to use flux to ensure its sealing performance.

The last more important point is the cleaning of JYXC-660. Although it is a sealed relay, it can still be cleaned. That is to say, you need to pay more attention to the cleaning. When cleaning, you must pay attention to the use of alcohol-containing cleaning fluid. Only clean water may be unclean. Ultrasonic cleaning cannot be used, which will destroy the performance of JYXC-660. And when cleaning, you must be careful not to use brute force. Cleaning is a very complicated and delicate work, but this is a daily protection work. Daily maintenance of JYXC-660 will affect its performance and service life.

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