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JJJC type AC enhanced contact relay
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Product Usage

The JC type AC enhanced contact relay is used as an indicator light power supply supervisory relay in the power supply screen. It can replace the JZJXC-100 rectifier strengthened contact relay.


1. The JC type AC enhanced contact relay is an AC 24V heavy elastic type enhanced contact electromagnetic relay.

2. The JJJC1 AC enhanced contact relay is an AC 220V heavy elasticity enhanced contact electromagnetic relay.

3. The relay magnetic system is a clap-on AC magnetic system, which is composed of an iron core, a coil and an armature.

5. The use of silver-silver oxidation requires contacts, which has the characteristics of strong anti-adhesion and low contact resistance.

6. The relay contact system consists of two parts: ordinary contacts and reinforced contacts. There are two groups of moving and breaking ordinary contacts; four groups of moving and closing reinforced contacts. The structure of ordinary contacts is the same as that of non-polar relays. The reinforced contacts are specially designed high-power contacts.

Applicable environment

a) Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

b) Relative humidity: not more than 90% (temperature +25°C);

c) Air pressure: not less than 70kPa (equivalent to an altitude below 3000m);

d) Vibration: the vibration frequency is not more than 15Hz, and the amplitude is not more than 0.45mm;

e) Working position: horizontal;

f) There should be no harmful gas causing explosion hazard around, and good dust-proof measures should be taken.


Relay: 165mm×49mm×163mm (length×width×height)

Socket: 157mm×48mm×22 mm (length×width×height)

Mechanical properties

Number of contact groups: 4QJ; 2H

Identification pin number: 22, 32;

Ordinary contact gap: not less than 1.3mm;

Strengthen the contact gap: not less than 4mm;

Ordinary pallet gap: not less than 0.35mm;

Reinforce the gap of the support plate: not less than 0.1-0.3mm;

Ordinary contact pressure: dynamic breaking contact is not less than 150mN;

Strengthen the contact pressure: the moving and closing contact is not less than 600mN;

Contact uniformity error: not more than 0.20mm.

Electrical characteristics

Rating: AC24V

Release value: not less than AC 5.5V

Working value: not more than AC18V

Coil resistance: 3.5 (1±10%) Ω

Single coil, use 1, 2

Time characteristics

The pull-in time is not more than 0.05S, and the return time is not more than 0.05S.

Installation method

The relay uses a power supply screen relay socket of type II. The relay is equipped with a locking device on the upper end of the socket, and the socket is installed on the relay frame. After the relay is inserted into the socket, the relay can be locked with a card board and locked with a hanging spring.

JC type relay identification pin numbers are 22, 32; JJC1 type relay identification pin numbers are 12, 54;

Installation Precautions

1. When installing the relay, make sure that the insulation interval between the sockets is intact, the socket hanging spring is intact, and the socket identification pin is in the correct position and should not be missing.

2. Pay attention to the relative position between the relay and the socket when broadcasting the relay to avoid damage to the relay or socket during broadcasting.

3. When repairing or replacing the relay, first remove the national relay spring, and then pull out the relay. Do not use excessive force or shake left and right when pulling it out, as it may damage the relay or socket.


Daily maintenance and maintenance items are as follows:

a) Keep the relay and socket clean;

b) Observe whether the relay operation status is normal;

c) The relay should be replaced in time for abnormal operating conditions and serious contact burnout.

Regular maintenance:

In the electrical life and life management cycle of the relay, the maintenance cycle of the infinite relay and rectifier relay should be five years; the maintenance cycle of the stepless enhanced contact relay, the poled relay and the biased pole relay should be three years; the maintenance cycle of the stepped enhanced contact relay The period should be one year. Appearance inspection and performance inspection should be carried out after the overhaul.

Insulation withstand voltage

Under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test, the insulation resistance of the relay should not be less than 100MQ.

Under the condition that the air pressure is not lower than 86kPa (equivalent to the altitude below 1000m), the insulation withstand voltage of the relay should be able to withstand AC sine wave 50Hz, 2000V rms voltage, there should be no breakdown flashover after 1min, the voltage when repeating the test Should be 75% of the original test voltage value.

Product electrical life

The relay contact is connected to AC24V1.5A resistive load; its electrical life is 1×106 times.


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