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JARC1-1000 Dynamic Relay
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Product Features

The dynamic interface components specially designed by the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Railways are used to form a dual-channel control dynamic relay. Used in the TYJL designed by the Railway Science Research Institute

—-Type computer interlocking interface circuit.

At present, JARC1-1000 dynamic relays have been banned from being used on large railways, and are only used in hump circuits when users have demand.


1. Two-way relay.

2. Controlled by dynamic pulse signal.

3. The control terminal power supply is 12V5Hz, and the local voltage is 27V.


165mm×49mm×163mm (length×width×height)

Installation method

The relay socket is installed on the combination frame (cabinet) with bolts, and the relay is inserted into the socket horizontally and clamped with hanging arrows.

JWXC-1000/7 type relay identification pin numbers 11, 52; JWXC-1700 type relay identification pin numbers 11, 51.

Product function

The signal relay is an important element in the interlocking equipment, and it is the main equipment to ensure the safe operation of the system. The signal relay can control the conversion, lock and unlock the way of the road meeting, and control the opening and closing of the signal machine. Its reliability, availability, maintainability and the entire sauna line are the keys to the safety of railway transportation and operational services.

Applicable environment

The applicable environment of the relay is:

a) Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

b) Relative humidity: not more than 90% (temperature +25℃);

c) Air pressure: not less than 70kPa (equivalent to below 3000m above sea level);

d) Vibration: the vibration frequency is not more than 15Hz, and the amplitude is not more than 0.45mm;

e) Working position: horizontal;

f) There should be no harmful gas causing explosion hazard around, and good dust-proof measures should be taken.

Product Features

Mechanical characteristics:

Ordinary contact pressure: dynamic closing or positioning contact is not less than 150 contact groups: 2QH, 2QJ, 2H;

Identification pin number: 31, 52;

Ordinary contact gap: not less than 1.3mm;

Strengthen the contact gap: not less than 2.5mm;

Ordinary pallet gap: not less than 0.35mm;

Reinforced pallet gap: not less than 0.1-0.3mm; mN; dynamic break or reverse contact point not less than 150mN;

Strengthen the contact pressure: the dynamic closing or positioning contact is not less than 400mN; the dynamic breaking or reverse position contact is not less than 300mN;

Contact uniformity error: not more than 0.20mm.

Electrical characteristics:

Coil resistance: 125, 80 (1±10%) Ω,

Single coil, use 1, 23, 4;

Rated value: DC24, 24V;

Magnetizing value: DC48, 48V;

Working value: not more than DC12, 12V;

Release value: not less than DC2.5, 2.5V;

Reverse working value: not more than DC13.2, 13.2V;

Release time: when 18V is not less than 0.4S, 0.45, when 24V is not less than 0.5S, 0.5S

Contact resistance: not more than 0.10Ω.

Insulation withstand voltage

Under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test, the insulation resistance of the relay should not be less than 100MQ.

Under the condition that the air pressure is not lower than 86kPa (equivalent to the altitude below 1000m), the insulation withstand voltage of the relay should be able to withstand AC sine wave 50Hz, 2000V rms voltage, there should be no breakdown flashover after 1min, the voltage when repeating the test Should be 75% of the original test voltage value.

Product electrical life

The relay contacts are connected to DC24V1A resistive load; its electrical life is 2×106 times.

Executive standard

GB/T 7417-2010 "Railway Signal AX Series Relay"

Structural characteristics

The electromagnetic system of the stepless enhanced contact slow release relay is the same as that of the stepless slow release relay (JWXC-H340). The magnetic circuit system of the JWJXC-H125/80 stepless enhanced contact slow release relay adds a copper short-circuit ring to make the slow release time longer.

The contact system consists of two parts: ordinary contacts and enhanced contacts. The structure of ordinary contacts is the same as that of non-polar relays, and the reinforced contacts are specially designed high-power contacts and arc extinguishers.


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