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JWJXC-H120/0.17 Stepless Reinforced Contact Slow Release Rela
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Product Usage

JWJXC-+H120/0.17 type stepless enhanced contact slow release relay (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for five-wire switch circuit (hump marshalling station). The relay is matched with ZD5, ZD7 and other high-power electric switch machines as a starter of the switch circuit The relay can solve the four-opening problem of the switch circuit of the hump marshalling station.

Applicable environment

The applicable environment of the relay is:

a) Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

b) Relative humidity: not more than 90% (temperature +25°C);

c) Air pressure: not less than 70KPa (equivalent to an altitude below 3000m);

d) Vibration: the vibration frequency is not more than 15Hz, and the amplitude is not more than 0.45mm;

e) Working position: horizontal;

f) There should be no harmful gas causing explosion hazard around, and good dust-proof measures should be taken.

test method

1. Standard test conditions

Temperature: +15℃~+45℃;

Relative humidity: 45%~75%

Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

2. Requirements for measuring tools, meters and power supply

2.1 The accuracy of measuring shape and installation dimensions of measuring tools should not be less than 0.05mm; the accuracy of feeler gauge should not be less than 2; the measurement error of force measurement should not be more than 2%.

2.2 The accuracy of the DC voltmeter and ammeter used for the test should not be less than 0.5, and the accuracy of the AC (50Hz) voltmeter and ammeter should not be less than 1.

2.3 The power supply voltage should remain stable, and its fluctuation range should not exceed 5%. The DC power supply should be a DC generator, battery or AC full-wave rectifier power supply (except for special regulations, the ripple factor should not be greater than 5%). The waveform of the AC power supply should be a sine wave with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Structural characteristics

The electromagnetic system of the stepless enhanced contact relay is a stepless magnetic circuit with an enlarged size. The contact system consists of two parts: a normal contact and a strong contact. The ordinary contact is the same as the stepless relay. The strengthened contact has a signal circuit for cutting off a larger power (such as a power supply). Conversion, Daohui start, etc.) designed contacts and arc extinguishers.


JWJXC-H125/80. Infinitely strengthened contact slow release relay is one of the main components in railway signal equipment. Its reliability and safety in use are necessary requirements to ensure the normal operation of various automatic control and remote control signal equipment.

Electrical characteristics

Coil resistance: 120/0.17Q coil used alone, use 1, 2, 3, 4; rated value: 24V/4A; magnetization value: 48V/3.2A; working value: 12V/1.6A; release value: 2.4V/ 0.5A; Slow release time is not greater than: the current of the current loop is reduced from 4A to 1A when the power is off 0.4S; contact resistance: ordinary contact is not greater than 0.05Q; strengthened contact is not greater than 0.1Q.

Insulation withstand voltage

Under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test, the absolute resistance of the relay should not be less than 100MQ.

Under the condition of air pressure not less than 86kPa (equivalent to altitude below 1000m), the insulation withstand voltage of the relay should be able to withstand AC sine wave 50Hz, 1000V rms voltage, and there should be no breakdown flashover after 1min. The voltage when repeating the test Should be 75% of the original test voltage value.

Product electrical life

The ordinary contact of the relay is connected to DC24V1A resistive load; the strengthened contact is connected to DC220V5A resistive load, and its electrical life is 2×105 times.


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