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JWXC-7 Type Infinite Relay
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product description

JWXC-7 type infinite relay is a relay widely used in railway signal technology, called signal relay, and it is an important part of railway signal technology. It plays an important role no matter as the core component of the relay signal system or as the interface component of the electronic or computer signal system. The reliability of the relay action directly affects the reliability and safety of the signal system.

Product Usage

The JWXC-7 type infinite relay is used as a general purpose and air-proof step-down relay in the signal circuit.

Applicable environment

The applicable environment of the relay is:

a) Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

b) Relative humidity: not more than 90% (temperature +25℃);

c) Air pressure: not less than 70kPa (equivalent to below 3000m above sea level);

d) Vibration: the vibration frequency is not more than 15Hz, and the amplitude is not more than 0.45mm;

e) Working position: horizontal;

f) There should be no harmful gas causing explosion hazard around, and good dust-proof measures should be taken.

product structure

Infinite relay is the typical structure of AX series relay, which is composed of electromagnetic system and contact system. The electromagnetic system includes coils, iron cores, vehicle irons and armatures. The coil is installed horizontally on the iron core, and is divided into a front coil and a back coil. The use of dual coils is to enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the control circuit, which can be controlled by a single coil or a series of double coils according to the circuit needs. The armature is fixed on the blade of the yoke by a butterfly-shaped steel wire, which is flexible in movement. There is a heavy hammer in the transmission part of the Yantie to ensure that the relay armature returns reliably by gravity. The number of weights installed is determined by the structure of the relay contact system, and should be able to ensure the reliable release of the relay. A stop piece is installed at the closed position of the armature and the iron core to ensure the minimum air gap of the magnetic circuit of the relay, prevent the ferromagnetic parts of the magnetic circuit from magnetizing, and ensure that the relay falls reliably. The iron core, vehicle iron and armature of the relay are made of electromagnetic pure iron, which has high magnetic permeability and small remanence.

Mechanical properties

Number of contact groups: 8QH;

Identification pin number: 11, 55;

Contact gap: not less than 1.3mm;

Pallet gap: not less than 0.35mm;

Contact pressure: the dynamic contact point is not less than 250mN; the dynamic disconnection point is not less than 150mN;

Contact uniformity error: not more than 0.20mm.

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics (at +20℃)

Coil resistance: 3.5 (1±5%) Q×2

The coils are connected in series, connect 2, 3, use 1, 4;

Rated value: DC250mA;

Magnetizing value: DC600mA;

Working value: not more than DC150mA;

Release value: not less than DC45mA; reverse working value: not more than DC165mA;

Contact resistance: not more than 0.05Ω.

Packaging, transportation, storage

(1) Packaging

The outer packaging of the relay adopts a carton structure, and the carton is equipped with a foam box to ensure that the relay will not damage the instruction manual of the relay in each package during the normal transportation process.

(2) Precautions for transportation

During storage and transportation, the relay should not be subjected to strong vibrations, collisions, or rain or snow.

(3)Storage conditions, storage period and precautions

The relay should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse with a temperature of -25°C, +40°C, and a relative humidity of less than 80%, and no acid, alkali or other harmful gases around it. It should not be exposed to rain and snow during storage.

The storage period is one year, and the storage period should be inspected or repaired before use.

Insulation withstand voltage

Under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test, the absolute resistance of the relay should not be less than 100MQ.

Under the condition that the air pressure is not lower than 86kPa (equivalent to the altitude below 1000m), the insulation withstand voltage of the relay should be able to withstand AC sine wave 50Hz, 2000V rms voltage, there should be no breakdown flashover after 1min, the voltage when repeating the test Should be 75% of the original test voltage value.

Product electrical life

The relay contacts are connected to DC24V1A resistive load; its electrical life is 2×106 times.

Product barcode

The barcode of the Relay Company is pasted on the armature, and the barcode of the Ministry of Railways is pasted on the external device. When the product has quality problems or the user has doubts about the product quality, the user should consult the digital code of the bar code, and timely feedback to the company so that the manufacturer can obtain the product information in the first time and realize product quality tracking and after-sales service.

After-sales service

From the date of delivery, the warranty period of infinite relays, rectifier relays (the warranty period of electronic components is one year), polarized relays and biased pole relays is 1 year, and the warranty period of infinitely enhanced contact relays and polarized enhanced contact relays Provide free maintenance services for the company during the one-year warranty period; for relays that exceed the warranty period, the company will provide lifetime technical support based on the actual situation and maintenance items, and create conditions for users to master the use and maintenance methods of the relay.

a) Bad quality or damage due to transportation, storage, improper use, etc., and unsealed relays are not covered by the company's warranty;

b) If the user violates the technical requirements of this manual or fails to perform normal maintenance according to the maintenance manual during the installation and use process, the company will not bear any responsibilities arising therefrom;

c) During the company's warranty period, if the products and parts of Shanghai Shenxin Railway Signal Equipment Co., Ltd. are unpacked without the company's authorization, the company will not bear any responsibilities arising therefrom;

d) Non-Shanghai Shenxin Railway Signal Equipment Co., Ltd. components that are assembled into the company's products without the company's consent cause product quality problems, and the company does not assume any responsibility for the resulting products.


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